This is the ideal self-healing rotary cutting mat for all your crafting needs. This is a 2-sided mat, with one side in inches and the other side in centimeters. This mat protects your table tops: no more cut marks on your tables! Multiple sizes are available: Choose between A2 ( 23"x17") A3 (18"x12"). This very durable cutting mat is the only cutting mat you will need for a VERY LONG TIME. Note that actual cutting size of A2 mat is 45 cm x 60 cm which is 17.7 in x 23.6 in. The actual cutting size of the A3 mat is 30 cm x 45 cm which is 11.8 in x 17.7 in.

Product Features

  • SELF-HEALING ROTARY CUTTING MAT: ideal mat for many uses, PERFECT for CRAFTERS, HOBBYISTS and MAKERS of all kinds
  • DOUBLE-SIDED, REVERSIBLE: One side is in inches, the other side is in centimeters, so you can use this for practically any crafting project you want.
  • PRECISE CUTTING: Clear 1/2" grid on one side with 1/8" alignment marks, 1 cm grid with 1 mm marks on the other side. Shows angles of 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees for diagonal cuts.
  • SMOOTH SURFACE: Self-healing mat reseals itself after every cut.
  • PROTECTS YOUR TABLE TOPS: no more cut marks on your tables

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Our Score: 83

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