Your Handi Stitch Applique Scissors are made from stainless steel. Th 6-inch applique scissors are ergonomically designed. They have a paddled-shape blade providing a clear cutting path. Here at Handi Stitch, we specialize in providing the best, professional craft tools/ accessories. We know how important it is to have high quality craft items that can last for years to come. Our products are made from the highest quality materials to ensure our products are safe to use and easy to maintain. See Features and Details for full information about the product.

Product Features

  • KNIFE EDGE SCISSORS: Our stainless steel embroidery applique scissors (6"/15.24cm) are ergonomically designed with a paddle "duck bill" blade. This provides a clear cutting path, which is ideal for cutting rugs or decorative patterns. The intricate blade offer controlled cuts close to the stitching.
  • OFFSET HANDLE: These embroidery applique scissors feature a curved, offset handle, which creates a comfortable hand position whilst working on table surfaces, giving you full control. If you love upholstery or you're a needlework fan, these razor sharp, ergonomic shears can handle any crafting task.
  • DURABILITY: Our stainless steel embroidery applique shears are made from the highest quality metal from handle to tip. To maintain your shears, you can even add a little oil to lubricate the blades for effortless cutting. These duck billed edging scissors can also be cleaned with ease for repeated use.
  • HOLDER INCLUDED: All of our embroidery applique scissors come with a travel organizer case, which is designed specifically for these scissors. The leather style case is the perfect protector for your duckbill scissors and won't look out of place in your craft box. Keep your cutter safe!
  • ADDED EXTRAS: Not only does your new tailor embroidery applique scissors come with a handy electronic PDF with instructions, they also come with a 100% money back guarantee incase you don't love them as much as us. What more could you want? Start getting creative with your material.

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