Compare the Hercules FC-120 Type-R Electric Hotknife with the Demand Products (DP) Fabric Cutter and the Sailrite Edge Hotknife. The Hercules FC-120 Type-R Electric Hot Knife - Canvas, Synthetic Fabric, Cloth, Rope and Cord Cutter and Sealer is designed to cut round or irregular shapes. This small, convenient cutter is suited for work such as pattern departments, cutting out awning, filter cloths, sail materials and other fabrics as well as for cutting and welding synthetic cords, webbing, and ropes. This is a 120 watt capacity hot knife that runs on standard household current 110v. The Type-R blade takes 6-8 seconds to heat up to approximately 800 degrees. Virtually eliminates synthetic fabric fraying. The heat can be approximately controlled by using the temperature control dial on the handle. The 9.5 foot heavy duty power cord is 3 feet longer and more durable that the cord on the Engel HSGM Hot Knife. The Hercules FC-120 Hotknife Fabric Cutter is also, perfect for cutting Sunbrella, Para, Tempotest, Dickson, Stattler, TopGun and similar Fabrics.<br /><br /><strong>IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: </strong><br />This is a high-wattage cutter that operates at high temperatures, it is very important that you follow these safety precautions when using this cutter:<ol><li>Be sure to properly adjust the temperature for the material you're cutting. The radial dial on top of the cutter allows you to set the temperature to meet any cutting need. Using a temperature setting that's too high can result in the unit overheating.</li><li>The unit should be used in intervals of 15 seconds and then allowed to cool for 30-45 seconds, especially when using the unit at one of its higher temperature settings.</li></ol>

Product Features

  • Hot knife fabric cutter kit includes Hercules FC-120 heat cutter, type-R blade, cutter foot, hard plastic case, and cleaning brush
  • Lightweight hot knife canvas, synthetic fabric, cloth, rope and cord cutter and sealer
  • Lightweight, variable power control, heats up in seconds
  • Spring-loaded safety trigger, 9.5 foot cord (longer than the Engel HSGM Hotknife) and a post-mounted fabric cutter blade, not stamped

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